Ukrainian live market sees summer price drop for slaughter pigs amid power outage concerns


The summer for operators of the live market started with a decrease in prices for slaughter pigs, according to the analytical department of the Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders, based on the results of weekly price monitoring.

Last week's trading for most operators of the live market ended at 2-4 UAH/kg lower than a week earlier. Thus, the majority of the marketed volumes were sold at 57-58 UAH/kg this week, although both higher and lower prices were observed in all regions of Ukraine. The weighted average market price stopped at 58 UAH/kg, or 5.6% lower than last week.

Representatives of the meat processing industry anticipate that power outages will be a significant factor influencing prices in the upcoming auction. Although the level of business readiness for energy challenges is currently higher, the latter affects both slaughtering and processing activity and trade. However, in their opinion, the impact on the meat processing industry and final sales will not be limited to this. In particular, the power outage could accelerate the seasonal decline in the supply of conditioned pork, as animals will reach slaughter weight more slowly in hot conditions. 

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