Ukraine remains a reliable guarantor of global food security


Despite the seizure of a large number of agricultural lands, the destruction of crops and agricultural equipment by the enemy, the withdrawal of some from circulation due to their mines and damage by explosive objects - Ukraine continues to provide the world with food.

In January-November, 50.9 million tons of agricultural products worth $ 21.1 billion were exported, including:

corn — 21.9 million tons worth $ 5.3 billion
wheat — 9.6 million tons worth $ 2.3 billion;
sunflower oil — 3.9 million tons worth $ 5.0 bln;
rapeseed, 2.9 million tons worth $ 1.4 billion;

Despite obstacles on the part of the aggressor state, 13m tonnes of Ukrainian grain have already been shipped by the Sea Grain Corridor. by t. me/getmantsevdanil/3899