Reproductive diseases in Sows: Causes and Signs — Justin Brown


Reproductive disorders are a serious challenge for veterinarians. This is due to the difficulty of identifying their cause, given the wide range of infectious factors that can affect the productivity of the breeding herd.

Watch the video presentation by Justin Brown, Senior Research Scientist and Practicing Veterinarian at Iowa State University and the Pork Education Center, to learn what to look for in case of reduced reproduction rates and how to diagnose and control diseases that cause reproductive disorders. Dr. Brown is a guest speaker at the online school for pig farmers, which was implemented by the Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders is with the support of the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The training videos were prepared within the framework of the project "Animals Healthy in Ukraine", implemented by the Association Ukrainian Pig Breeders with the support of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders is a non-profit, voluntary organization founded by Ukrainian pork producers. The main purposes of the association are representation and protection of rights and interests of farms of the association, assistance in development and introduction of new technologies for efficient production of pork, expansion of sales markets, and protection of domestic sales market.