Random Observations on Pork Market


In the latest insights from the pork market, Jim Long reports that U.S. cash isoweans have hit a prolonged low, with prices standing at just $12 per head delivered for the past 20 weeks. This extended period of low prices has caused concern, as the breakeven point sits at approximately $40. However, Long predicts that by December, factors such as lower feed costs, reduced pig numbers, and rising lean hog futures will likely lead to isoweans reaching $60 or more.

The pork industry faces challenges, but there is hope on the horizon. The market is expected to rebound as economic realities in the hog industry often follow the pattern of "the lower the low, the higher the high." With beef prices poised to rise due to falling supply, pork prices may also see an upward trend in the near future. Details in a regular Jim Long's report.