Outbreaks of African swine fever are on the rise in Latvia


Although Latvian pig farmers have learned to coexist with the disease, it has recently become detrimental to their business.

Latvia is currently experiencing the second wave of ASF (African swine fever). After several relatively quiet years, Latvia has seen a sharp increase in outbreaks. In 2022 they tripled compared to 2021.

Last year about 1300 infected wild boars were found. But the situation varies sharply in the regions of Latvia. The whole province of Latgale is affected, there are private cases in Cesis, Valmiera and Kurzeme. ASF is gaining a foothold in Latvian forests.

ASF kills not only wild boars. One outbreak last year was registered on a commercial farm with about 1,400 pigs, and several other outbreaks struck homesteads.

ASF tanadamer supply on the European pork market are two main reasons why pork is now so cheap in Latvia.

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