Foreign trade in pork in Ukraine: results of May


The volume of pork imports in 2024 is three times less than a year earlier, according to preliminary results of foreign trade in January-May. Analysts of theAssociation of Ukrainian Pig Breeders told more about the reasons and consequences of such changes.

Over five months, Ukraine imported 1.4 thousand tonnes of chilled and frozen pig meat from abroad for USD 3.7 million. USD. This is almost three times less than the supply of the corresponding meat raw materials for the same period last year, according to the analytical department of the Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders: 

"Significantly lower domestic prices in the pork market than last year have created a natural economic barrier to imported pork. Thus, although in the EU countries pork prices in January-May were 5-6% lower than in the first five months of 2023, the double-digit decline in purchase prices for live pork in Ukraine amid other economic and geopolitical challenges does not contribute to the intensification of supplies from the Commonwealth countries. Instead, over the past two months, Canada has taken over the baton, with a share of almost 62% in the geographical structure of imported pork. Thanks to such overseas receipts, imports in May were 75% higher than in the previous month," the AUPB commented.

Despite the above-mentioned revival, import activity remains at a record low compared to April, and the meat market remains focused on the Ukrainian supplier. 

"The domestic supply of pork meets the vast majority of the meat processing industry's needs, even for some items that were previously popular with importers. Thus, meat processors note that the stocks of not only pork offal and fat, but also meat, including pork trimmings, are more than sufficient, so they do not need to be "replenished"," the industry association said.

Pork exports for the first five months of 2024 totalled 940.3 thousand tonnes (mainly to the UAE) and brought Ukraine USD 2.35 million in foreign exchange earnings. USD of foreign exchange earnings. 

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