Brazil is catching up with the US: Top 10 exporters of agricultural products in 2023


According to France AgriMer data published on 5 June 2024, the United States remains the leader in global agricultural exports with a market share of almost 8.7%.

However, Brazil is moving closer to the top position with a market share of 7.7% due to the growth of soybean exports to China.

The United States recorded a decline in shipments of soybeans, meat, corn and fruit.

Other countries in the top 10:

  • The Netherlands (3rd place, 6.9% of world trade), which is a major exporter of transit goods;
  • Germany (4th place, 5.2%);
  • China (5th place, 4.9%);
  • France (6th place, 4.4%);
  • Spain (7th place, 3.8%);
  • Canada (8th place, 3.7%);
  • Italy (9th place, 3.5%);
  • Belgium, which is also a re-exporter (10th place, 3.3%). based on materials of


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