ASF Detected in Kirovograd Region


At a private enterprise «Garant» (Verbluzhka village, Kropivnitsky district, Kirovograd region) pigs died of African swine fever (ASF). This was reported in the State Consumer Service. Now there has been approved a plan of action and the boundaries of the epizootic focus, protection zones with a radius of 3 km and surveillance zones have been defined.

Two pigs, kept at the plant, were killed by bloodless method and their carcasses were burned. The place of burning was disinfected and the premises where the animals were kept were decontaminated.

A quarantine post was set at the entrance to the epizootic center. Access of unauthorized vehicles and people for the duration of the ASF quarantine is restricted.

Also, work continues on the clarification of pigs in protection and surveillance areas. by