Results of ASF Vaccine Testing to be Discussed in May


So far, no country has registered a vaccine against African swine fever (ASF), while its trials are ongoing in some countries.

In particular, in May, the General Session of the Assembly of Delegates of the World Organization for Animal Health, which sets the rules of international trade and vaccination rules, will be held, and Ukraine will be among its participants. The session will present the results of testing vaccines against ASF, which will be put up for general discussion, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy said.

Since July 2022, Vietnam has been testing an ASF vaccine developed by AVAC Vietnam. According to reports, at the end of December, the Vietnam AVAC Joint Stock Company vaccinated 1.8 thousand pigs against ASF on 13 farms. The selection results showed that 94.4% met the immunity requirements. In February 2023, the commercial use of ASF vaccines was announced.

As a reminder, in Ukraine in 2022, 7 cases of ASF among domestic pigs were officially registered, although the actual number may be higher, the ministry noted. This year, 4 outbreaks of ASF have already been recorded, half of which are in the private sector. by