Reproductive disorders in sows: causes and signs in the fresh "Profitable Pig Production" magazine


Reproductive disorders are a major challenge for veterinarians. This is due to the difficulty in identifying their causes, given the wide range of infectious factors that can affect the productivity of a breeding herd. Read what to look for when reproductive performance declines and how to diagnose and control diseases that cause reproductive disorders in the latest issue of Profitable Pig Breeding: Military Digest #72, December 2022.

Suspect reproductive disorders in sows should:

  • deterioration of herd reproductive parameters: decreased percentage of fertilization and farrowing; increased number of over-fertilization (return to hunt; procholosity);
  • сhanges in production parameters: decrease in the size of nests; increase in the number of stillbirths;
  • appearance of pathological signs: increase in the number of mummified piglets; abortions; vaginal discharge, etc.

Often these problems may not be accompanied by obvious pathological changes that would directly indicate reproductive disorders, but their negative impact on the productivity of the flock will be significant.

At detection of what signs one should "sound the alarm", what diagnostic methods to choose for the best result and how to take reproductive infectious disorders in sows under control read the column "For the veterinarian" in the December issue of "Profitable Pig Production".