Ministry of Agriculture proposes to modernize the regulation of GMOs


The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a draft law of Ukraine «On state regulation of genetically engineered activities and state control over the circulation of genetically modified organisms and genetically modified products to ensure food security».

It envisages a systemic and comprehensive review of the existing state regulation in the area of GMO handling, ensuring food security of the state by exercising state supervision (control) over the use of genetically modified organisms and circulation of genetically modified products, as well as harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with the European Union legislation, implementation of relevant legal acts.

The main provisions of the Bill propose to delimit the powers of the state authorities in order to eliminate duplication of functions in the field of GMO handling; to improve the system of GMO risk assessment as to its possible effects on human health and the environment; to introduce European mechanisms for state registration of GMOs, improve the labeling requirements for GM products that will not mislead consumers as well as to strengthen state control over GMO handling and to establish a responsibility to

We expect that the implementation of the bill will have a positive impact on the market environment, the rights and interests of business entities, citizens and the state, and will achieve systemic compatibility of Ukrainian legislation with EU legislation on the handling of GMOs, says the Ministry of Agriculture. by