ASF Poland: optimism among farmers returns


Pig producers in Poland have started to feel more optimistic since no new African swine fever (ASF) outbreaks have been reported at pig farms in the country since 14 July 2022. At the peak of the ASF epidemic, the country registered 30 to 40 outbreaks per month.

ASF is not the only factor hampering the Polish pig industry. Polish pig farmers experience increasing competition with imports from Europe. Spain is the largest European pork producer and takes advantage of the economy of scale. Currently, Spanish pork is nearly 10% cheaper on the Polish market than pork from local farmers.

In addition, Spanish pig companies managed to deliver pork in large quantities, which plays an essential role during negotiations with retail chains. Łabinska said that for retail, it is easier and cheaper to purchase large batches from a single supplier than to liaise with several smaller companies. by materials

Author: Weronika Łabinska