Statistics on blocked invoices


Previously, the blocking rate was 0.6−0.8% of all invoices.

«After the Ministry of Finance's famous decision to change the blocking algorithm in the last quarter of 2022, the situation has significantly worsened:
Blockchains rose to 1.52% in October and 1.75% in November altogether. In December, it decreased slightly, to 1.46%, but remained very high.

A number of decisions followed. The main one was the changes to the glorious decree of the Ministry of Finance on not blocking small amounts of invoices and other things.

Now (as of January) the number of blocked invoices has fallen to 1.07%, if after the introduction of changes (since January 11), the figure has finally fallen below 1% (to 0.99%).

That's still a lot. But the downward trend is clear.

Now a working group is actively working with representatives of the expert community and business associations to further improve the system.

The indicator the system will have to reach as early as this year is no more than 0.2%, which will be almost imperceptible to the business environment," Yaroslav Zheleznyak wrote in his telegram channel. by t. me/yzheleznyak