Only 9 Cases of ASF Registered in Ukraine


The number of cases of African swine fever in Ukraine has been declining in recent years. This is stated in the report of the State Service for Food Safety and Consumer Protection.

Thus, in 2021 there were 16 cases, and already in 2022 - 9 cases: 1 in Chernihiv, Kyiv, Zhytomyr and Kirovohrad regions, 2 - in Nikolaev region and 3 - in Sumy region.

During 2022 specialists of the department continued to carry out the whole complex of anti-epizootic measures, in particular, carried out:

42.4 million bird vaccinations in households of the population against Newcastle disease (no disease allowed);

2.0 million serological tests for brucellosis;

4.2 million domestic animal vaccinations against rabies;

1.6 million cattle tests for leukemia (17 unaffected sites remain in Ukraine);

2.5 million vaccinations of farm animals against anthrax (one case of anthrax was detected in Kyiv region);

6.5 million vaccinations of pigs against classical swine fever (the disease was not allowed);

2.2 million tests for tuberculosis (no disease detected). by