Lawyers explained how the re-registration of a VAT payer when changing the location of the company


The reregistration of a VAT payer is performed in case of transformation of a legal entity - VAT payer, or change of data about a VAT payer, concerning tax number and/or name (surname, name and middle name) of a VAT payer, and not connected with liquidation or reorganization of a VAT payer, or determination of disputes or mistakes in the register of VAT payers.

There are no other grounds for reregistration of a VAT payer.

If there has been a consolidation of districts that led to a change of district name and location of an enterprise, reregistration of a VAT payer is not performed and a registration application according to form No.1-NDS with a mark "reregistration" is not submitted to a controlling authority. The tax authority reaches the same view in its explanations (ZIR 101.02).

If a company changes its location, the submission of a VAT return and the payment of VAT will be at the preliminary location by the end of the current fiscal year, and starting from January 1 of the next year —at the new location.

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