6,000 pigs and 1,000 heifers dead: Targeted shooting by Russians wiped out a farm in Zaporizhzhia region


 Last week, the invaders destroyed the premises of a dairy farm and 4 buildings of the pig farm of the OJSC Plemzavod Stepnoy in Zaporizhzhia region with targeted fire.

More than 6,000 pigs and 1,000 heifers died as a result of the destruction. Dairy and meat products Stepnoy before the war were known and deservedly respected far beyond the borders of the region. And with the beginning of the war it saved the people of all neighboring communities.

Breeding farm "Stepnoy" is at the origins of the Association of Milk Producers (AVM). It is a farm, the analogues of which are difficult to find even abroad. One of the best and modernized agricultural enterprises of Ukraine. Thanks to the active social activity of the management the local community developed along with the farm.

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