Pork imports in August tripled


Import supplies of pork to Ukraine decreased threefold during August, according to analysts of the Association Ukranian Pig Breeders.

After the rise in foreign currency prices by a quarter in late July, August supplies of fresh, chilled and frozen pork reduced significantly: "According to preliminary estimates, during last month Ukraine imported 1.5 thousand tons of pork. This is more than three times lower than the volume of imports of the previous month and August 2021," - says the Association Ukranian Pig Breeders (AUPB).

In addition to volumes of imports, the second month in a row "dropping" and the average price of a kilogram of imported pork: in particular, in August, the average customs value of pork was $ 1.91 / kg. For the second month in a row, the average customs price per kilo of imported pork was $1.91/kg, compared with $2.03/kg in July and $2.00/kg in August. In particular, in August the average customs value of pork was $1.91 USD/kg against $2.03 USD/kg in July and $2.21 USD/kg in June. In June the average customs value of pork was $ 1.91/kg. At the same time in August only one third of pork imports were within the additional quota, therefore imports of the rest were subjected to additional 10-12% duty.

In September the pace of imports did not revive, as stated by analysts of AUPB: "As of September 11, 550 tons of pork from the EU came to Ukraine, which generally corresponds to the August import dynamics. Now domestic importers can buy another 1.2 thousand tons of pork without paying duty (as of September 13), but this opportunity applies only to certain pork bran on the bone and half carcasses.

The Association Ukranian Pig Breeders is a nonprofit, voluntary organization founded by domestic pork producers. The main objectives of the association are representation and protection of rights and interests of farms of the association, assistance in the development and introduction of new technologies for efficient production of pork, expansion of markets, protection of domestic sales market.