As a result of the russian attack, a meat processing plant was destroyed in Kharkiv


As a result of the Russian attack on Kharkiv on May 4, MK Myasny was destroyed. This was announced by the general director of the company Oleksandr Skoryk.

«Our lives and hearts are shattered,» the message says.

According to the State Emergency Service, the area of the fire was about 4 thousand square meters.

Thus, on May 4, russian troops launched a missile attack on the Industrial district of Kharkiv, as a result of which a large-scale fire broke out. Six employees of the enterprise were injured: four women and two men.

According to the prosecutor's office, the ruscists used a missile of the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system for the strike. It arrived from the territory of the neighboring Belgorod region of the russian federation. by