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  • Rivne region: three new outbreaks of ASF
    The African swine fever was found inthe private sector ofthree districts ofRivne region (Ozero village, Volodymyretskyi region; Verbivka village, Dubrovytskyi region and Novorichytsia village, Zarichnenskyi region). Itisstated onthe website...
  • ASF: which Ukrainian regions are in the zone of risk?
    The further spread ofASF inUkraine will not benecessarily diffused. State Service ofFood Safety and Consumer Protection observes: The disease can occur inany region ofthe country unexpectedly: even several months after the last closed...
  • Canadian exports show modest decline
    Canadian exports offresh/frozen pork have recorded aslight decline over the first six months of2016, by2%, to74thousand tonnes, writes AHDB.Pork.
  • Live Pigs Market: Prices Strengthening Continues
    The last week, prices onlive pigs felt the positive vibrations. Their growth isexpected tocontinue this week. Thus, the second week ofAugust the slaughter pigs were realized inaverage by30.3UAH/kg, but during this (the third) week the average...
  • Belgium: pork exports largely stable
    Inthe first four months of2016, Belgium exported 231 thousand tonnes ofpork.This was virtually stable onthe same period ayear earlier, upless than 1%. However, the value ofthese exports fell by6% over the same period, to354.4million,...
  • Destinations and unit value of EU pigmeat exports
    The EUs trade balance for pigmeat islargely positive, with annual exports worth nearly EUR 6billion inrecent years. The main client forEU exports isnow China, followed byJapan, Hong Kong, Philippines and South Korea. Global demand for pigmeat...
  • African Swine Fever Reported on South African Pig Farms
    Anoutbreak ofAfrican Swine Fever (ASF) has been reported onapig farm inSouth Africa.The farm inLetsemeng, Free State, reported 250 cases out ofthe 300 pigs susceptible.There were also 200 cases reported onavillage pig farm inMamusa, North...
  • Spain: Pig slaughter increased by 4%
    During the first quarter of2016 Spanish abattoirs slaughtered atotal of12,625,781pigs, representing agrowth of3.82% over the same period last year. Catalonia, Castilla yLeon and Aragon are atthe top ofthe list, with 5,251,613 (+ 1.64%),...
  • Spanish exports continue to grow
    Exports offresh/frozen pork from Spain have grown strongly inthe first quarter of2016, when compared with the same period ayear earlier. Volumes were up16% to355 thousand tonnes. This growth, aswith other member states, was largely attributed...
  • Peru wants to double pork consumption in 2021
    According tothe figures, currently, inPeru, there isanaverage consumption of5.5kg per person and year, alevel much lower than that ofcities like Hong Kong (75kg), ornations oftheEU (that exceed 40kg) oreven Chile (that reaches 26kg)....

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