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  • Live pigs market: quotations decreased
    Farm gate prices onslaughter pigs became weaker shortly before Easter. Atthe pre-holiday period the average price level is1-1.5% lower than atthe late March-early April, when itwas 36,2UAH/kg. Although the higher price range remains unchanged...
  • Ukraine: Export of pig byproducts increased twice
    InJanuary-February 2017, export ofpig byproducts supplies has increased. Itisreported byanalytical department ofthe Association ofUkrainian Pig Breeders (AUPB) with areference tothe State Statistic Service ofUkraine (SSSU). Within two...
  • Live pigs market: prices go up
    Inthe middle ofthis month, market operators were surprised with live pigs farm-gate price the average ofwich jumped uptoaverage 34UAH/kg. However, this upward movement continues and atthe beginning ofthe third decade the price varies between...
  • Optimistic consumer: Ukrainians actively eat pork
    InFebruary 2017 consumer sentiments have become more optimistic compared tothe beginning ofthe year. This isconfirmed byappropriate monitoring ofGfK agency and reported byanalytical department ofthe Association ofUkrainian Pig Breeders...
  • Number of pigs is unchanged in Ukraine
    InUkraine the number ofpigs amounts to6.6 million heads asacondition onthe 1st March. This rate has not changed compared toJanuary. Analytical department ofThe Association ofUkrainian Pig Breeders (AUPB) reports onthe relative pigs number...
  • Live pigs market: three steps back and leap forward
    This week the movement ofbackyard prices was marked byasteep turn. After three weeks ofquotations decrease, expected prices are higher. The average price during the first decade ofMarch was nearly 31.3UAH /kg. But atthe close oftrading the...
  • Further growth for Spanish exports
    In2016, exports ofSpanish pork rose by18% compared tothe previous year, to1.47 million tonnes. This isthe third consecutive year ofstrong growth inSpanish exports. The increase comes asaresult ofhigh levels ofdemand inChina and5% higher...
  • Canada opens public talk on pork free trade with China
    The Chinese market isCanadas second-largest single-nation trading partner, after the United States, and itisagrowing market. Canada currently exports over 326,000 tonnes ofpork and pork products toChina each year with Canadian pork imports...

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