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The birthdate of Nyva Pereyaslavshcnyny, LLC, JV is March, 5 1998 (together with «Experimental bread plant of Pereyaslav», PJSC enters to the agricultural associat...

The birthdate of Nyva Pereyaslavshcnyny, LLC, JV is March, 5 1998 (together with «Experimental bread plant of Pereyaslav», PJSC enters to the agricultural association «Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny»). The basic activities of the holding are: plant-growing, feed production, pig production and meat processing (own store brand «Piatachok»).

The plant-growing. Now the land fund of Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny, LLC, JV counts about 23 thous ha in Baryshiv, Brovary, Zguriv, Pereyaslav-Khmelnitskiy and Yagotyn districts of Kyiv region. It is enough to provide the pig breeding branch with feed. Besides that, some part of the harvest, mainly the corn is exported, about 100 thous tons per year.

The feed production. The updated feed-mill plant has the capacity of 120 thous tons of feed-stuff per year. The grainy mixed feed are produced there for own pig complexes.

In 2012 was built the line of processing soya bean to soybean cake and oil, with the capacity of 48 tons per day. In the pig feeding is used only own high-protein raw material that pass the GMO control.

From 2013 the setup of modern microdosing system is in use. Processing lines of the plant are completed with modern equipment from known European producers (Buhler, Switzerland; Skiold A/S, Denmark).

The pig breeding. The building of the first pig complex of closed cycle with the capacity of 1 250 sows (30 thous pigs per year) started in summer 2005. And in December first guilts were brought. From 2008, Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny was building one new pig complex every year, now there are seven of them. The building of the eighth has started and the documentation for the ninth one is preparing. Artificially of the first of July, the sow herd of the farm reached 7 447 pigs and the total one — 118 362 heads.

Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny, LLC, JV works with Danish genetics (the main supplier is company Breeders of Denmark): breeds Landrace, Yourkshire (Big White) and Duroc (for obtaining the commercial livestock). The equipment on farms is also from Danish companies: fixed temperature thanks for heating from Danfos, ventilation system from Skov, feeders and feed meters are from Skiold, the accountability of all processes is realized by Agrosoft software. In the farrowing unit, units of replacement guilts and growing the floor heating is working. The manure is brought off by gravity system to solid concrete lagoons. From there it is removed to fields twice a year.

The meat processing. In 2008 Nyva Pereyaslavshchyny started its own pork processing: slaughterhouse with capacity of 110 thous heads per year, packing area of cooled meat (10 tons per day) and section of meat food production (5 tons per day).

Introduced systems ISO 2001 and ISO 22 000 guarantee the security of every process of meat processing and the quality of final output. In households plans to build new specialized meat-processing factory with the capacity of 50 tons per day during 2015-2016.

From 2012, group of companies was developing the own retail chain of branded shops «Piatachok», represented in Kyiv region. Now the net counts 20 shops.

Main production indicators

Sow farm


Piglets per sow per farrowing, heads 15,2
Pigs reared per sow per year, heads 32,5
Farrowings per sow per year 2,4
Conception rate, % 91
Number non-productive days of sow 8–12
Weaning age, days 26,4
Weight at weaning, kg 6,2


Daily gain, kg 430


Daily gain, kg 920
2 Slaughter weight, kg 114
Age at slaughter weight, days 172
Mortality, % 2
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