Ukrainian live pigs market: price stabilization

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During the last week of the summer, the live pig market prices in Ukraine continued to rise, but at a slower rate than on the eve of the holiday weekend. According to the results of weekly monitoring of live pig prices, which is conducted by the Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders, the average market price added 1% to the level of the previous week and amounted to 49.4 UAH/kg.

The slight increase in purchase prices was due to the positive fluctuation of the planned prices from some pork suppliers, who sold their pigs at 0.5−1 UAH/ higher price than a week earlier. However, the increase in prices was not as widespread as before, and the expectations of meat processors were fulfilled: meat slaughter pigs were purchased in late summer at 48−50 UAH/kg. The planned sales of the previous week, limited pig supply due to seasonal factors and temporarily increased competition among buyers helped the price to strengthen.

Although episodic refusals and reduced procurement volumes of individual buyers raise concern among operators, most market players believe that the price will be stable in early autumn. This thesis is also confirmed by the results of a survey among processors: the absolute majority of the members of the Meat Industry Association plans to buy live pigs at 48−50 UAH/kg price.

Weekly dynamics of farm-gate prices for live pigs of the 1st category, 2019

Source: the AUPB analytical department


Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders — is a non-profit voluntary organization. Established in July 14-th, 2011. At present, AUPB unites 41 farms, supplying over 50% of commercial pork in Ukraine. The main objective of the Association is to protect rights and interests of pig producers, achieve international standards of production due to implementation of modern technologies.

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