The problem of ear necrosis in pig will be analyzed during the «Profitable Pig Production» congress

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There are many versions of the causes of ear necrosis in pigs, but they are mostly just guesswork. In fact, a number of risk factors can cause the emergence of the disease. Olexander Romanov, an independent expert on pig health and welfare, will talk about the causes of ear necrosis, how to diagnose and localize the problem during the XII International Congress “Profitable Pig Production”.

«Ukrainian farms often face the problem of ear necrosis in pigs. Moreover, the ear necrosis may also occur in the cleanest, least prone to infectious diseases farms.

This problem is quite difficult to control, it is difficult to find the cause and localize the problem. However, it can lead to significant losses due to productivity loss and culling of sick piglets.

Although the ear necrosis is mostly not a veterinary problem, veterinarians have to deal with it. The problem is multifactorial, so in the course of the report we will try to identify the main risk factors, diagnosis and prevention methods,» said the expert.

A major event in the pig production will be held on 9 October at the address: shopping center «Terminal», 316 Kyivska st., Brovary, Kyiv region.

Event organizers — Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders, Ukrainian Agri Council and Dykun Company — invite you to join the XII International Congress  «Profitable Pig Production».

International Congress «Profitable Pig Production» – is one of the biggest events in the pig breeding industry not only in Ukraine, but abroad. This is the platform for discussing the most important questions of the domestic pig production. Among participants are pig breeders, the best Ukrainian and foreign experts in pig production, state representatives, experts from international organizations. This year the event will be held on October 9th in the shopping center "Terminal". Organizers of the event are Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders, Ukrainian Agri Council and Dykun Company.

Association of Ukrainian Pig Breeders — is a non-profit voluntary organization. Established in July 14th, 2011. At present, AUPB unites 38 farms, supplying over 50% of commercial pork in Ukraine. The main objective of the Association is to protect the rights and interests of pig producers, achieve international standards of production due to the implementation of modern technologies.


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