Jim Long: Negative impact of ASF in Germany on global market

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The latest ASF news in Germany makes everybody think about the consequences for pork sales in the world market.

Jim Long, President-CEO, Genesus Inc., assessed the impact of ASF in Germany on the global market:

«ASF in Germany will have a negative affect on EU market prices for a minimum 1-2 years. The loss of Asian markets by such a large exporter will not be made up by other EU countries as the they do not have volume or logistics to accomplish. We expect sow herd liquidation in the coming months in Poland and Germany due to market fear of asf and lower prices. Feeder pigs will be less money for same reasons. Ukraine experienced an ASF market which lead to liquidation, the same will happen in Germany. North and South America will benefit with higher prices, since asf Germany, USA prices have increased 25% due to greater pork export demand in Asia».

Yevgen Shatokhin, Genesus Official Representative in Ukraine and Kazakhstan:

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