Diversify pork export markets, warns Brazilian researcher

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Any drop in demand from China and Hong Kong may turn into a disaster for the Brazilian pork industry.

Brazil needs to diversify fast its export markets for pork, warned Cepea researcher, Juliana Ferraz. For 2021, the South American country expects production to reach 4.4 million tonnes (+3.5%) and another record in exports of 1.1 million tonnes (+10%). However, the dependency on China and Hong Kong is seen as a risky situation by Juliana Ferraz.

"China and Hong Kong account for 70% of Brazilian pork exports. We need to diversify the commercial partners since any problem with these markets would be devastating for sales in Brazil," she said in a recent assessment.

Regarding prices, the Cepea researcher believes that the beginning of 2021 will have lower prices, following a typical movement at the beginning of the year, a scenario that should change over the course of the season.

“Protein prices have this seasonal decline, but I expect a recovery in the values ​​of the animals, not least because the production costs tend to remain high”, she points out.

For 2020, Brazil has established a historical record in pork exports reaching 1 million tonnes shipped abroad.

Materials: euromeatnews.com

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